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Rocio Romero is a 35-year-old designer, manufacturer, and entrepreneur.  She’s well known for her minimalist, modern LV Home.  Do you know the history behind Rocio Romero?  Christy Marshall authored an excellent article on her and her growing business in modern prefab.  Romero is a graduate of University of California-Berkeley and Southern California Institute of Architecture (aka SCI-Arc).  One of her first designs was a summer house for her parents in Laguna Verde outside of Santiago, Chile.  That home was modified slightly and has become the LV Home that we see popping up all over the country.  As for pricing, here’s what you can expect:

All the Romero prefabs are 25 feet, 1 inch wide. LV lovers have choices ranging from a 625-square-foot studio (or garage) to a 1,453-square-foot home. The kit includes post and beam, exterior wall and faux wall panels (manufactured in Perryville), roof framing, select connectors, siding materials and detailed instructions, and costs anywhere from $19,992 for a garage (LVG) to $23,650 for a studio (LVM) on up to $45,225 for a two-bedroom, two-bath house (LVL150)…Once all the glass, floors, innards and details have been added, the price jumps to $120–$190 per square foot.

Interestingly, Romero sees prefab as an easier way to guarantee a certain modern product for customers.  Customers can look to other LV Homes and know what they are going to get.  She’s also looking to the convenience of prefab to expand her offering of designs with possibility of a 2-story LV Home in the near future.  I’m interested in seeing that.  Nice. 

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