Michael Jantzen's Solar Wind Pavilion Design Proposal

Solar Wind Pavilion

Our built environment should integrate clean tech and renewable energy generation of all forms and this is an example of that concept.  Michael Jantzen proposed a design for California State University at Fullerton that would turn the everyday gathering pavilion into a discussion on sustainability.  The pavilion could serve as the gathering place for up to 300 people.  From the images, notice the wind turbine and the solar panels on the roof.  Towering into the air at 150 feet tall, any energy harvested from the turbine and solar panels could be used by the university.  Inside, there’s a cylindrical digital projection display screen, roof-mounted fogging nozzles to cool the interior, and benches that can be stored inside the floor when not in use.  I think it’s an excellent idea, especially because students always want a place to gather and hang.  Why not here?  Via WAN + HumanShelter.org

Solar Wind Pavilion

Solar Wind Pavilion

Solar Wind Pavilion

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  • http://power2050.wordpress.com Corey Cottrell – power2050

    I LOVE THIS!!!
    If I have one failing its optimism, but I tell you, with all the amazing advances being made, and the sheer human ingenuity and grace going into so many projects like these!! Dang-it, we just might make it!! Thanks for this!

  • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

    Optimism isn’t a bad thing, unless it leads to being naive…keep up the good work on your blog and keep in touch.

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  • http://www.ultrafeel.tv fun-da-mental

    Fantastic idea, thank for bringing more on Michael Jantzen.

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