Siberian Mixed-Use Ecological Tower by Foster + Partners


When I first saw the concept renderings, I thought I was looking at a diamond perched upon a hill.  To the contrary, the images show a new mixed-use sustainable tower concept, or "ecological tower," by Foster + Partners for Khanty Mansiysk, Siberia.  The tower rises on the foundation of two podium buildings, each diamond-cut in style to allow light to penetrate the atrium.  The apex of the tower will have a panoramic viewing platform and restaurant for guests to gaze out into the city.  Paramount to the design is the desire to facilitate solar gain (it’s cold in Siberia) and allow natural lighting.  Encompassed by a densely wooded area, the architects designed the building to minimize disturbance to the landscape. 

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  • Jennifer

    Wow the diamond call was right on — that’s what I first thought when I clicked onto your page. It could be used for a wedding commercial. Thanks for sharing the “not really a diamond” aspects.

  • maxmsf

    jeez man where do you find this crazy stuff?

  • HerrK

    i saw a great film of my childhood.

    but seriously, whats wrong with our international stars?
    are they all going mad?

  • HerrK

    and in english, this movie…

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