Americans Want Solar, Florida Green Builder, Google's Plug-in Investment + Green Design Litigation (WIR)

Week in Review
  1. Nearly 90% of Americans think that solar electricity should be offered on all new homes. 
  2. Florida home builder decides that all its properties now and in the future will be green certified. 
  3. Google Dot Org announced that it would invest about $10 M to accelerate development of battery technology, plug-in hybrids, and vehicles capable of returning stored energy to the grid. 
  4. Need for green legal counsel becoming increasingly salient as green claims are brought against design professionals. 

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  • Ann Ford

    Yes, researching for an highly functional and attractive solar roof shingle that looks like shingle of slate.

    Currently have solar for pool. Am paying $200+/- per month for electricity. Probably would pay closer to $400 with pool. Home only 2500 sq ft

    I am amazed that we are not seeing more solar communities in Florida.

    So glad to see you took a step in that direction. Homes in a soft market will retain their value and sell quicker. Everybody wants a totalky solar home with a $5 month electric bill.

    The local electric company is behind the times.

    When I do find a product, and commit to doing my roof over, it cannot be assessed for taxation as I read the rules. It is free from tax.

    Thank you for letting me make a comment. Email me anytime with pictures and progress of your project.

    Ann Ford

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