S2: LOT-EK Slanting Container Building – 87 Lafayette Tower


I’m not sure whether this is already in the works or whether this is just a proposal, but I thought it was creative and interesting enough to talk about.  From the pictures above, you’ll notice a few things.  Its slanting shape.  The protruding containers.  The juxtaposition of ultra-modern and historical landmark neighbors.  The developer of the NYC Chinatown project, Mr. Woo of Young Woo & Associates, was interested in LOT-EK‘s design and considered the use of large, metal shipping containers in residential construction "fascinating" and "environmentally friendly."  You’ll also notice from the renderings that the developer plans to have an array of solar panels on the roof. 

To make it work, the slant begins on the third floor of the south end and the six floor of the north end.  What that does is create some unusable square footage for the occupants on the south face (depending on the acuteness of the angle), with a pretty cool view for the occupant on the north face.  Those on the north slant will have the benefit of peering over the ledge without having to worry about falling in.  Also, I’d be interested in seeing a sun model of this to see how the building design takes on natural lighting for the occupants.  All in all, it’s cool to see innovative building designs.  Someone needs to push the entrepreneurial envelope, right?  Via Lloyd of Treehugger

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  • Todd

    interesting…I wonder if the building is going to pass into another lots air rights…or if the building will only be above the lot for which the building is on, in which case, I say why not just build straight to maximize usable square footage.

  • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

    Todd, I thought the same exact thing when I saw the project. I’m assuming the LOT-EK wouldn’t design something that requires extra rights acquisitions. As far as just going straight up, that’s the pragmatic way to go, but if everyone did that, we’d be left without some great looking buildings. If this were a building that was straight up, it may not end up getting mentioned everywhere on the internet. Just some thoughts, but I had the same impression you did.

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  • Mikeehale

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