I'd Like a Facelift, Suggestions?

100x100_question_2I love blogging.  I really do.  But maybe it’s because I look at my own blog everyday, I don’t know, but I’d like to mix it up a little bit.  Is that taboo for a fledgling blog?  What you see is 100% home-job by me.  I worked up the banner, picking through Photoshop the best I know how.  The sidebar content is 100% me, too.  Here are the constraints: (1) I’m still going to use Typepad, (2) I’m not going to hire anyone or pay anyone (at least not right now), and (3) that’s it.  I don’t really enjoy widgets, either.  I’m thinking about changing to the format with posts on the left and the two sidebars on the right.  Any thoughts?  I’m also thinking about a banner redesign.  Maybe a new logo?  It’s going to be consistent with the underlying framework of Jetson Green:  modern + green, with a business perspective.  Any thoughts?  Cool ideas?  Should I just keep it the way it is?  Be gentle…

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  • http://theglobalwarmingblog.com Dave Pratt

    Hey Preston,
    I just jumped over from your Joel Makower comment to check out your site. Nice. Here’s a resource for Typepad users in case you haven’t seen it already. Its not perfect but its good food to change/grow your blog by.

    Typepad Hacks

  • http://theglobalwarmingblog.com Dave Pratt

    Sorry…got the link wrong. Oh well, here’s the url: http://www.typepadhacks.org

  • http://lighterfootstep.com Chris Baskind

    Preston, your site looks great. But I’m also a fan of the double right sidebar layout: it makes it easier, I think, for the reader to scan content.

    Have fun!

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