Tonight, I had the great opportunity to talk with Ed Begley Jr. at the unveiling of the Phoenix Sport Utility Truck in Dallas, Texas.  Ed is a really nice guy, and he’s smart, too.  He knows his stuff.  He was showcasing the Phoenix SUT, which is a five-passenger, all-electric, freeway-speed sport utility truck.  I test drove it and had a good time.  I see the future with this thing.  I really do.  Actually, I punched it coming off the line, and it had some get up and go.

I don’t normally talk about cars here on Jetson Green, but that’s because we’re not quite there yet.  Let me explain.  Ed said something to the effect that, "You can’t grow oil on your roof, but you can grow electricity." It’s true, too.  No matter how hard your try or how much money you have, the chances are, you’re not going to be able to tap oil from your backyard.  But you can purchase solar panels, a residential wind turbine, or both.  You can conserve energy, too.  You can install thermal energy storage to substitute day consumption for night consumption.  And according to the Department of Energy, "off-peak" electricity production and transmission capacity could fuel 84% of the country’s 220 million vehicles if they were plug-in hybrid vehicles.  There are solutions for energy issues that we face, but they require contemplation, investment, and coordinated action. 

American Dream:
So I envision a time when my house has solar, my truck is the Phoenix SUT (black rims, midnight blue, tinted windows, snug top, and black grill), and I’m not filling up at the gas station anymore.  My electricity meter is spinning backwards most the time, because I have a small, efficient residential wind turbine, too.  That’s an American dream.

Interior Ed_begley_jr Pk

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