Hive Modular B-Line (F2)

B Line  Kitchen

A few months ago, I posted a video on Hive Modular.  Pictured above is the popular, modern B-Line.  Hive Modular is making it happen in a good way. 

"F2" is short for "Flickr Friday," a weekly short posted on Friday with an image from Flickr and a quick description.  Feel free to email me your F2 ideas.

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  • silver_maple_leaf

    I love the houses on your blog. I could never afford to build anything like that though. I’m taking a more mortgage free route.

  • Preston

    According to John Commoner of Future House Now:

    “I’ve really been enjoying Jetson Green’s new Flickr Friday. Two weeks ago there were some nice pictures of the ever-lovable LV home by Rocio Romero. And yesterday’s feature was a B-Line house from Hive Modular. I hadn’t taken a look at Hive Modular in a while, and the Jetson post reminded me what a great house the B-Line is. It’s relatively affordable at $140 per square foot (in the Midwest), they have a great floorplan in the 1780 sq-ft B-Line Medium version (just about the right size), and the houses have a freshly modern yet not too intimidating style. I look at the floorplan and just can’t find much to fault in it. They’ve really made a smart house here.”

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