Costs and Benefits of Green Roofing

Green_roof_house I ran into a pretty thorough article on green roofing and wanted to pass it along to readers.  There’s a growing interest in green and vegetative roofs, although one may not be perfect for every application.  That said, there are numerous benefits and advantages to having a green roof. 

Simply put, here are the benefits:  (1) opportunity to utilize wasted or otherwise unused space, (2) reduction of storm water runoff, (3) mitigation against urban heat island effect, (4) airborne toxins are taken out of the air with oxygen getting released, (5) reduction in peak load (lower energy costs) for the building with the green roof, (6) longer roof life, and (7) considerable insulation from noise pollution. 

Here are some of the drawbacks: (1) could cost up to twice as much as a conventional roof (but will offer a payback of 5-10 years in energy savings), (2) could be difficult to get zoning approvals depending on the sophistication of the approving authority, and (3) will constrain some types of architectural expression. 

  • Philip Proefrock

    I’m very pro-vegetated roofs. And I’m not only talking the talk, I’ve also worked on a building with a vegetated roof that has been in place for about 4 years now, and it’s been very successful.

    I agree that vegetated roofs aren’t the solution for every application (any more than any other technology is one-size-fits-all).

    Cost benefits can be significant. Consider that a shingle roof might last 20 years before it needs to be replaced. That’s material going into a landfill and the cost of new materials and the labor to remove the old and install the new. It might not make sense for a tract house that is going to be falling apart in 50 years, but for a commercial building, the life-cycle cost is actually lower than a conventional roof.

  • Jack Murphy

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    Compared to traditional roofing products, these interlocking tiles make installation extremely efficient, cutting down on labor costs.
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  • Phillip

    This is pretty interesting stuff. Green roofing is a unique alternative. I think it will catch on when prices are more viable for the market… right now just selling an ordinary roof is difficult.

  • Louisa Sheedy

    Knowing the pros and cons about one thing can help you in the long run – and roofs are no exception. Green roofing seems nice, as it has a lot of benefits.

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