United Technologies Ad: First Zero Net Energy Building is Coming


I just thought I would blog about this real quick because it caught my attention in the latest edition of BusinessWeek.  There was a full page ad saying, "Imagine that.  You can do well in the world without hurting it."  Pictured in the ad is a pretty neat looking building (above), which is interactive at www.utc.com/curious.  Go give it a look…United Technologies’ (NYSE: UTX) green building page has information on electrochromic glazing, 100% recycled structural steel, vertical axis wind power turbines, photovoltaic solar power arrays, zero VOC paints, green roofs with an integrated reclamation systems, conserving energy, fuel cell power plants, and combined cooling, heating and power (CCHP) systems.  Maybe someone should actually build the structure that’s in this rendering. 

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  • http://tomkonrad.wordpress.com Tom Konrad

    Even better, maybe they’ll build it close to mass transit… Don’t all those cars around the base look incongruous?

  • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

    That’s true, but I think the bus is there to illustrate one of their fuel cell products for buses. Now that I see that, there is a lot of street wrapped around a cool green building. Great point!

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