The Sustainable, High-Performance illumaWALL by Duo-Gard


The "illumaWALL," which is a translucent illuminated wall system designed to project a programmable million+ colors, has been singled out by both Architectural Record and Buildings magazines in their 2006 lists of top products.  If I must say so, that’s quite the achievement.  The illumaWALL incorporates translucent polycarbonate glazings with programmable LED lighting for custom design/build applications.  Depending on the type of energy a project is looking for, the illumaWALL could be used both in the interior and exterior, and in commercial, retail, hotel, education, entertainment, industrial, healthcare, or residential uses. 

From what I understand, the wall will also contribute LEED points towards a building owner’s certification.  The translucent polycarbonate glazings minimize heat gain and glare (which leads to lower heating and cooling costs) and the LED lighting incorporates low-voltage, low-heat design.  Not bad.  I could see how the illumaWALL would be good for a restaurant, spa, or retail store, depending on the overall design and brand concept.  Via PRNewswire + Duo-Gard + Info PDF


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  • Linda Byam

    Hello, Preston, and thank you for the big blog about our illumaWALL! Your site’s interesting and informative, and we wish you much success in your advocacy for green building. Did you attend Greenbuild in Denver? We exhibited our translucent daylighting systems there and were swamped with visitors for 2 days straight. I lost 5 pounds because we didn’t have time to break for food! Best regards to you. Linda Byam, Marketing Director, Duo-Gard Industries Inc.

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