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Eco-Advantage: Green to Gold–the Business Case

One of my goals for the new year is to flaunt the business case for sustainability.  When you add that to the fact that I’ve seen several blogs talk about reading 1 book/month (as a New Year’s Resolution), you get a nasty combination: my resolution + your resolution = reading Green to Gold: How […]

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Jetson Green 2007: Blog Goals

I agree with Siel that goals should be SMART.  Inspired by Geekwhat (caution: bust image), I’ve decided to broadcast three goals I have for Jetson Green.  They say (I don’t know who exactly, but…), "A goal is not a goal until it is written down," so blogging these should keep me accountable.  […]

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Jetson Green 2007: Flaunt the Business Case for Green Real Estate

When I say "green real estate," I’m referring to all aspects of the real estate business.  That includes the following jobs:  developer, owner, third-party manager, agent, broker, investor, architect, contractor, sub-contractor, etc.  There is a business case for the greening of real estate, but here are some preliminary considerations. 


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