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[Runtime = 28:46 min.]  You probably heard about Green Sandwich Technologies (GST) earlier this year when William (Bill) McDonough, FAIA, announced that he’d be on the company’s advisory board.  Structural Concrete Insulating Panel (SCIP) technology, also known as Welded Wire Sandwich Panel, has been mentioned in most popular magazines and has the unique achievement of meeting the Cradle to Cradle design protocol.  This video shows Green Sandwich panels in action.

GST panels have 7 main advantages:  (1) strength – wind load capacity of 200 mph+ and earthquake tolerance of 8.0+; panels resist pests, mold, and vermin; have the highest fire rating in the industry and are water resistant; (2) speed – allow buildings to be erected in 1/2 the time of conventional construction; (3) flexibility – panels can be used for residential, commercial, and industrial uses for floors, walls, roofs, ceilings, pools, and fences; (4) superior sound insulation – they transfer 66% less noise than wood and steel frame walls; (5) superior temperature performance – delivers R-40 performance, good for both hot and cold climates; homeowners can save up to 60% on home energy costs; (6) environmental friendliness – panels contain about 60% recycled/reclaimed materials by volume (40% by weight) + all waste is 100% recyclable; and (7) affordable – builders recognize value in cost savings such as 50% less construction time, 4-12% labor savings, 4-12% material savings, equipment savings, loan carrying cost savings, and energy savings up to 60%.  Click here to see a list of building applications.

  • Tom Konrad

    Cool stuff… first I’d heard of SCIPs. But then, you’re my primary source for what’s going on in the world of architecture… did I miss a post?

  • Preston

    Hey Tom, Happy Holidays…this is the first time I’ve posted on SCIP technology. I’ve been sitting on an article for a little bit and never found the time to write about them.

    Here’s a link with more information on GST and the environmental benefits. The article mentions that SCIP is one of the fastest growing segments in building:

  • Luke Pustejovsky


    Nice blog. Very enjoyable. You might be interested in learning a bit about GigaCrete, Inc. (if you’re not already familiar). Here’s the website (which needs some work):

  • welded wire mesh

    So how does this help the environment again? Thanks for explaining it clearly to me.

  • Sandwich Panels

    Welded Wire Sandwich Panel has this unique achievement of meeting the Cradle to Cradle design protocol.

  • Mark David Heath

    Preston, I am Mark David Heath, Co-Founder of the now defunct Green Sandwich Technologies. I just happened on to this via a google search for something else. On occasion I am in SLC and would be interested in visiting with you if you would have lunch, etc? Mark

  • shed plans

    Companies that produce products that are made from eco-friendly materials deserve a round of applause.



  • richard_sims

    Wolfram Kasemir and Merline Van Dyke were building with the Green sandwich panel and the K panel 30 years ago.

  • richard_sims

    I build the house in the avatar with panel engineering by Merline Van Dyke and panels built by Sims Construction.
    Four story infill Highland lot in Denver Colorado home

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