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Green Economics: City of Phoenix Saving $600k/year Due to Energy-Efficiency Program

There's an economic case for CFLs. The City of Phoenix is saving about $600,000 a year after replacing traditional lighting with CFLs. Mayor Phil Gordon said the city has replaced about 95% of the city's lights with energy-efficient alternatives (as part of a $1.2 million one-time investment) and is starting to see the rewards. At $600,000 in savings per year, that's a 2 year payback on your investment. This is smart business.
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GreenCity Lofts: A Modern Step in the Green Direction

First off, GreenCity Lofts LLC shows us how important it is to have a sleek, professional, informative website for your properties.  In the early stages of construction, word-of-mouth increases and people start to notice what’s going on.  Slap a huge sign up (with a rendering of course) and direct people to the […]

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