ParkUrbia: PB+CO's Green Home Concept

Parkurbia Lake

I noticed this futuristic, yet realistic, home concept in the latest issue of Popular Science.  It’s was designed by PB+CO (aka Philippe Barriere Collective) and "reflects the desire to create socially responsible communities with an environmental ethos.  The idea is to converge the scattered remnants and residual land ‘vacancies’ mapped by the uneven contours of a disassembled suburbia, to reclaim them as Readymade Parks and, finally, to recycle the undefined ‘greenways,’ which will constitute inhabitable wooded Public Parks:  Parkurbia." 

Parkurbia Home The prototype is based on the desire for housing with a minimal environmental footprint.  It incorporates recycled materials and translucent photovoltaic films that provide electricity and filtered natural light.  I think it’s a nice idea actually:  there are active windows for ventilation, two floors with a balcony, and intrinsic flood-protected design.  It’s modern, too.  What more could you ask for? 

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  • ej

    Dude I love this Dome!

  • Preston

    Thanks for dropping by EJ. It’s a cool innovation, huh?!

  • Mary

    I absolutely love this little home-sphere…home-dome? (still working on my own names for things, like Adam) I don’t have a hydroplane -where do I park my Smart Car?

  • Felipe

    I would like to know where can I obtain a distribution plans of this great house, of course I´m not acua-man.


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