Tali_n_preston On October 8, 2006, Tali (wife) and I participated in the 40-mile Livestrong Challenge in Austin, Texas, benefiting cancer patients.  We had a great time and were thankful to participate on the GMAC-sponsored TeamMBA, which included others associated with SMU’s MBA program.  In total, our team raised +$62,788.00.  Beautiful Tali raised $635.00, and I raised $750.00, many thanks to you.  I wanted to thank the sponsors and other friends that were so generous with their support.  And I will say, we did see Lance Armstrong (he participated in the 5k run and 40-mile bike; pictured below on the left).  More than that, however, we saw many people of all ages who were riding "in memory of" or "in honor of" loved ones.  It rocks you’re world to feel how many people have been affected/afflicted by cancer, and I was touched by strength and commitment of others in this event.  This is the type of event that if you can just show up, you’re automatically elevated by the warm energy of everyone else.  I just wanna say thanks. 

  • miniHOME – you’ll notice their link on the right.  I blogged about them a little bit back…needless to say, their miniHOME is all the rage in the modern + green prefab movement.  Thanks Lloyd Alter!
  • Ecorrazi.com – their link is on the right as well.  This website is the official location for all gossip green + celebrity related.  Thanks Rebecca Carter!
  • TECS Diversified + Todd Sheets – Todd Sheets is one of the greatest and greenest in the Central Oregon area (Bend, Redmond, etc.).  He’s been working on green renovations, green homes, energy efficient everything, and smart tenant improvements in Central Oregon for a long time and has a history of excellence in his work.  Thanks Todd Sheets!

Thanks also to the rest of you:  Margaret (Texas belle with a West Coast Green heart), Jim (longtime mentor), Les (the real estate Longhorn), Mike (my boss of nearly 4 years), Stacy (comrade on the China trip and MBA group member), and TeamMBA.  You all were extremely kind and generous!


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