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I’ve blogged before, but nothing seriously.  So I’m gonna try this out and see where it goes.  I’m interning at an excellent real estate company and from what I can tell with the industry (taken as a whole), I see no obvious concern for the environmental impact of building design and construction.  It’s weird because we live in a world with finite resources such as water, natural gas, oil, etc.  I mean, I know there’s an abundance of coal, but resources have a way of becoming expensive, so it makes sense to build buildings that use less resources.  Buildings that have a lighter footprint. 

Developers say it’s too expensive to build or develop green, but I have a feeling things will change.

I like modern design and environmentalism.  I guess you can say Jetson Green is a blending of two concepts "modern" and "environment."  Maybe "contemporary" and "green."  Maybe "futuristic" and "socially aware."  With the title of this blog, I’m trying to say I will assess the crossroads of these things, but maybe I didn’t do too well with that.  So, let the blogging begin …

  • Kevin_in_Denver

    Well, Preston, you predicted the future pretty well.

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